A branding unit

Brandng is your identity and we deliver it right!.

The Printing Hub

Products are made in the factory but brands made in the mind.

Albert Schweitzer

Graphic Design

Where it all begins...creativity is KEY and we are all about Creativity

Product Merchandise

Without advertising then your not in business. Brand your merchandise, be a house-hold name!

r M.D.

Gift Items

A gift is a way to say apreciation. Give away a customised gift!

Event & Car Branding



The creative touch. In the world of competitive business, this is what gives your company the edge. It is the key that makes an entity survive the onslaught of unending competition. Today Gallant Branding Kenya Ltd has proved to be one such catalyst, equipped with experienced crew in the areas of writting,printing, publishing media, computer technology and graphic design. Gallant Branding Kenya Ltd communicates your message, your identity and your image through a scientific and analytical thought process. Every medium from the ideas, the color to the final product is carefully selected to suite your budget and your taste That in the end is what makes this creative company your partner that gives your business the cutting edge. Therefore, give your business its creative touch.




We are not afraid of any kind of printing projects you throw at us. Need busines cards to go with those pens? No Problem! Brochures & pocket folders to go along with your USB's? Bring it on! We are the only COMPLETE printing source on-line and our team of pro's have the know-how to get it all done at the best prices.

Graphic Design

With state of the art Graphic Design & proofing, we are able to create a logos or come up with designs quickly for your brand. Yet noone makes proofing easier than Gallant Branding.


Have an event? corporate function or need some branded gift /giveaway items? This is your one-stop-shop for creatively branded items from t-shirts to stationery. We have you covered

About Us

Gallant Branding Kenya Ltd is your one-stop shop for all your branding and printing needs. From the construction point - Graphic Design to offset, screen and digital printing ID/CD/DVD shape pritning, Indoor & Out door signage, corporate gifts printing and promotional items


Our Skills

  • Design ( 90% )
  • Branding ( 95% )
  • Custom Made Items( 99% )
  • Advertising ( 95% )


Chemutai Ruto
Co-Founder, CEO

Chemutai Rutoh has been in the branding and merchandise industry the past 7 years having branded various organizations/ events both corporate and individual. She understands the industry well and will take you step by step into what you want to achieve.


Better known as 'Kevo' is known for his vast knowledge of the printing industry. With his hands-on knowledege, he consults to help you achieve the very best out of your requirement.

Sales Manager

Jacqueline is the smiley girl who is super patient with all your requirements. We understand sometimes the pressure could be much but she here will take it all from you and take up the job personally and have it delivered on time.


Paul is our production guy! By oroduction it means he makes sure all your jobs and printed /branded right, on time from the start proces to the finish.


You can contact us any time Mon - Fri 0800 - 1700 & Sat: 0900 - 1300

Cell: +254 728 780 712 / +254 737 861 314.  
Email: info@gallantbranding.co.ke