Signs are visual displays made for a particular audience. This could be done as a form of way finding places such as Stalls, Offices, Stores, Schools, Churches, Showrooms, Residential Estates, Industries, Petrol Stations, amongst others. It is the surest way to inform potential customers you exist in a particular location.

Types of Signages

Non-Lit Signs
This is something you should definitely invest in to set yourself apart and showcase your logo. These signs are usually placed inside or outside your premises. It can be also installed by the roadside. They inform your potential customers that you are here and open for business. Design Village can customize these signs to meet various specifications and taste. If by the road it can include a directional arrow. Although most are usually non-lit it can include external light source shining on the sign or the use of reflective material.

Back-Lit Signs
These are signs that are illuminated from within, behind the sign. The lighting is part of the sign. While a little more costly, the payback is worth it. Back-lit signs can advertise your products or services day and night, giving your potential customers something to look at.

2D Signs
This involves individually cut logos and letters, like stencils that are a great way to show off your businesses unique font or logo. They offer a professional, clean cut look for your business and draw attention, especially if installed with LED lighting that make it appear like it is glowing or floating on the wall.

3D Signs
These are 3 dimensional individually cut logos and channel letters which are sometimes lit thus called 3D LED Signage. The LED strips are installed within each character. They are modern looking during the day and really impressive at night. The design can also be reversed by directing the light out of the back of the letters onto the wall to create a halo / glow effect.

Pylon Sign
These are pole like structures that hold several signs or just one brand and graphics. They are popular with Petrol Stations, Malls or Commercial Buildings with many tenants. The biggest benefit of this business signage is that people who are looking for your location can easily find you and visit you.

Pylons reach customers from a distance due to their massive size. They advertise your business even before the customer reaches your premises. This is very helpful especially when facing highway traffic.

Informational / Navigation Signage
As the name suggests, these signs are usually installed inside buildings, near the entrance or parking lot to help people know the different sections within a store, building or institution. They include the ones that direct you towards the reception, parking lot, washrooms, pantry, exit, emergency exit, elevator, or a specific section in a building. These signs generally contain precise information so that people can read on the go. They may include large, bold fonts in highly-visible colour schemes.

Advantages of Signage

Enhances communication
Provides a competitive advantage
A cost-effective marketing tool
Increases sale opportunities
Builds brand awareness


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